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  • Image of Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder
  • Image of Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder
  • Image of Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder
  • Image of Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder
  • Image of Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder

Oh my Gouache/Art book compilation preorder


Oh my Gouache/ Art Book Compilation, by Ash specs~ I wanted to try and make it as if everyone has their own copy of my personal sketchbook used for this ABC gouache prompt painting endeavor. The cover will be a photo of the cover of my original sketchbook, plus the title. It's dimentions will be 5.5" x 8.5" (close, but a bit larger than orginal book) Including cover there will be 18 pages, so 36 "printed sides". There will be a swatch page where I show the paints used for all paintings, a thank you for your support end page with a list of contributers, and PAINTINGS!

Of course, these things take time- I’m only on my 7th painting, and I’ll be doing a total of 26 new gouache paintings for this book!! Most of them will be streamed on twitch so you can personally see the book be filled. 😊 And once the paintings are done, then I’ll have to scan and edit them, and make the whole book ( depending on what tier is unlocked, that can also involve 6 pages of tutorials 😍) then of course time for them to be printed, shipped to me, then me package and send out to all of you lovelies! Also, depending on what tier, I’ll be making bookmarks, pins, and coloring pages, so all these will take timeeee for sure!! I estimate roughly 2-5 months to have the paintings done, books and any extra goodies produced, and them be on on route to you. But I’ll be totally transparent of my process both on instagram, twitch, and via newsletters. And if you have any questions after reading through, please feel free to ask!!

Now the preorder tier details... Anyone who purchase the
$35 will recieve the “Oh my Gouache” limited edition art book when it's completed (world wide shipping included!)
$40 pledges will also get a colouring page printed on watercolor paper with a small gouache dot card. (:D)
$50 gets a limited edition ceramic pin of a badger wearing a crown.
$60 unlocks an original 10 min prompt sketch inside the cover.  All books will be hand signed. ^.^

Goal stretches: this is the overall total amount raised through this project, which unlocks goodies for everyone who’s purchased the base book!! 🗝 means the goal has been reached/unlocked, 🔒 means it’s locked :)

🗝$200 means everyone who pledges for a book also gets a print~
🗝$250= a bookmark specially designed for this project will be included.
🗝$350= the first 10 pledgers will get a set of limited edition vinyl sticker made by me! 🗝$400= the extra 6 pages above the 26 alphabet paintings will be used for tips, tutorials, and observations, instead of purely "filler art", which would consist of “older” art.
🗝$450- everyone gets a digital version of the coloring page-
🗝$500- Special Chimkin "art burk" sticker made for all!
🗝$600- Make the badger painting plus wearing a crown into a button pin
🗝$750- 8 extra sides (4 pages) will be added to everyone’s book! (Mix of paintings, tutorials, work pages etc!) And book binding will be upgraded from staple bound to “perfect” bound!!!
🗝$800- EVERYONE gets the ceramic logo pin, and tiers $50 and up get a ceramic crowned badger pin!!

What type of paintings? All done in gouache, I’ll be going A-Z choosing a prompt word starting with that letter of the alphabet. It’ll include subjects of animals, plants, food, and landscapes. 💗